Ticket Sales for SOFIA LIGHTS 2024 Begin Today

Today marks the start of ticket sales for the fourth edition of SOFIA LIGHTS. The event will take place from July 25 to 28, 2024, in Vrana Park. Tickets will be sold exclusively online on EpayGo and at EasyPay cash desks. If you make a reservation for a ticket online, you will have the opportunity […]


Tickets for SOFIA LIGHTS 2023 go on sale today. The event will take place in the period 28.09 – 12.10.2023 in Vrana Park. Tickets will be sold exclusively online at EpayGo and at EasyPay box offices. If you book a ticket online, you will be able to pay for the ticket within 2 hours. If […]

Important info for the 4th night – 4.09

The weather is very unpredictable tonight. We are prepared to hold the event but still if the conditions worsen in terms of rain and thunderstorm, we will be forced to close the park because of the safety. Please follow the news on the web site of the event – www.sofialights.com and https://www.facebook.com/events/1246166229490974. Those of your who can not […]

Due to bad weather conditions the event for 2nd of September is cancelled

Due to bad weather conditions the event for the second night is cancelled. All the visitors with tickets for 2nd of September can attend SOFIA LIGHTS in any other day of their choosing. When you show up at the entrance please inform the hostesses that you have a ticket from 2nd or 1st of September. […]

Important for the first evening

Right now we are experiencing light rain in the park. We plan to keep the venue open for visitors for now. However, if the visitors with tickets for the first night decide that they want to come another day, their tickets will be valid.

Important message regarding the first night of SOFIA LIGHTS 2022

The forecast for today is dynamic and we are monitoring closely the situation. In the last several days  the rains in Sofia were local and didn’t reach Vrana park so far.   If we have to make changes in the plans for tonight, we will publish the information at 19:30 in the  News section of the official website of the event. Please stay informed by checking the site!  We assure all the visitors, who have tickets for tonight, that if the event is canceled today due to the  weather, they will have the opportunity to visit SOFIA LIGHTS in the coming days.   If there is no new information at 19:30, that means that the event is going as planned.

On August 8 starts the sale of tickets for SOFIA LIGHTS 2022

sofia lights

Tickets for the event will be sold online through the EpayGo platform and at the cash desks  of EasyPay. Tickets can be purchased for a specific date and they will be valid for that date  only.  No tickets will be sold on the spot.