From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park
From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park
From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park
From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park
From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park
From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park
From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park
From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park
From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park
From 28 September to 12 October in Vrana Park

Магическа реалност в парка

От 21 септември до 5 октомври в парка „Врана“

Sofia Lights

The third edition of the only festival in the country for immersive light art installations will take place between 28 September and 12 October in Vrana Park, Sofia. Each night the entrance will be open for visitors from 20:00 to 23:30, and the installations will be turned off at 00:00.

SOFIA LIGHTS is an event that creates a very different reality – beautiful, soulful and in touch with nature. This magical reality, in which visitors can immerse themselves, helps us to briefly get away from the noisy and stressful everyday life. SOFIA LIGHTS is not a party or a festivity, it presents several large-scale artistic installations set in nature.

“What unites the individual installations is our desire to give our minds a break for a few hours. We live in times where we are an extension of the computer algorithms of the online universe. Screens dominate our existence and create illusions that make us forget about the beauty of the real world. Our installations will be a reason for people to experience the pleasure of living in reality again. To breathe, to feel presence, to be part of the whole. And at the same time to be focused inwards.”

The installations have no beginning and no end. Visitors can experience them in the same way, at whatever moment they come within the announced opening hours. Everyone can stroll the night park at their own pace and discover the magic in their own way.

Please read the Rules of Conduct carefully and familiarize yourself with the map.



Vrana Park is a work of landscape art with a 120-year old history


Vrana Park is a work of landscape art with a 120-year old history



From 28 September to 12 October 2023 (including)

Start time: 20:00

Closing time for visitors: 23:30

End time for installations: 00:00


Vrana Park

381 Tsarigradsko Shosse Boulevard

East entrance, from the side of Vrana Forestry (NOT the entrance on Tsarigradsko Shosse

How to arrive there?

By bus:

Bus number x50 departs from Eagles Bridge and stops in front of the event entrance, with three intermediate stops – “Pliska” station, Hospital “St. Anna” station, “Tsarigradsko Shosse” metro station.

This is the most convenient way to access the event and we highly recommend taking advantage of it.

The x50 bus schedule (link below) may be subject to change. For your convenience, we recommend taking another look at the schedule on the day of your SOFIA LIGHTS visit.

By car:

If you are coming by car from Sofia, initially travel in the direction of Plovdiv along Blvd. “Tsarigradsko shose” and at the detour with the ring road turn back in the direction of Sofia. Parking is in the far right lane of the boulevard. “Tsarigradsko shose” in the designated places. The pedestrian walkway shown on the map leads to the event entrance.

For the convenience of visitors with wheelchairs, parking is provided just for them outside the event entrance. Parking is limited in capacity and access will be restricted when available spaces are exhausted.


Children from 0 to 3: free of charge

Children from 3 to 18: BGN 10

Adults: BGN 30

Visitors with wheelchairs: free of charge 


Tickets are limited in number and when sold out no new ones will not be offered.

Tickets will be sold online through EpayGo and at EasyPay cash desks. 

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions of the Organizer.

frequently asked questions

SOFIA LIGHTS will provide visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of light installations united in one memorable experience. More information about the installations and a map of the route can be found here.

Follow the illuminated pathways in the park and you will pass through or past the installations themselves. Whatever time you come during the event’s opening hours, you will be able to experience the installations in the same way.

There are two basic rules: do not pass behind the fencing and do not touch the elements of the installations. Violators will be escorted away by security.

Please familiarize yourself carefully with the Event Rules of conduct.

No, you do not need to come exactly at the starting time. You can experience the event no matter at what moment you come until midnight.

After 10:00 – 10:30 PM the number of visitors tends to go down, so for people preferring a solitary experience a visit at that time will be more enjoyable.

No, tickets are bought for one specific date and are valid for that date only. If you arrive on
another day you may not enter the event.

No, you may not. The organizer does not change tickets bought for a specific date for another date at your request, neither does he refund the sum of the tickets respectively. What you can do is to check in the social networks whether there are people wishing to change their tickets for other dates or buy your tickets.

Yes, the event is accessible to people in wheelchairs.

For the convenience of persons with disabilities hampering their mobility a parking lot is provided for them only. It is situated in front of the entrance of the event. The parking lot has a limited capacity and access to it will be restricted to available free parking places.

The event is designed to take place under any weather conditions. Should it rain, just dress adequately, take an umbrella or raincoat, and be welcome. Some installations are even more impressive in wet weather.

If it rains, before you go out, check, just in case, the news section of the official website of the event – – to see if the organizer has given additional instructions for visitors.

If the meteorological conditions do not allow to hold the event (e.g. hurricane wind, thunder storm and others), refer to the official website of the event – – for further information and organizer’s instructions.

The event is suitable for children, however parents will have full responsibility for their children conduct in the park. Please, do not permit and encourage your children to touch, take or break light installation components. Make sure that your children do not pass over the fences set by the organizer for your and their safety sake. Trespassers will be led away by the security guards.

Please note that any reserved ticket can be purchased within 2 hours of being reserved. When these 2 hours have elapsed the reservation is cancelled and the ticket is released for sale.

Please, remember that the only official source of information the organizer is responsible for, is the official website of the event –

Please regard any other information source for the event as unofficial and bear in mind that the organizer has no responsibility for the truthfulness of the information they publish and hence for any inconvenience occurring in relation thereto. 


  1. Respect the park and its plant species – don’t tear, break, climb or foul. Smoking in the park is prohibited.
  2. Beverages and food are prohibited except for a small water bottle up to 500 ml. Please do not dispose of bottles within the park. Trash containers are available at the entrance/exit.
  3. Touching, lifting, kicking, breaking or stealing the light installations or elements of them is prohibited. Violators will be removed by security and law enforcement will be contacted on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Passing beyond the enclosures and signal strips is prohibited throughout the park. Violators will be escorted away by security.
  5. Parents are fully responsible for their children and must monitor their children’s whereabouts and compliance with the rules of conduct and safety at all times.
  6. The recommended attire for an evening out in the park is: long sleeves and trousers, closed low shoes.
  7. You will be out in nature, so we recommend using a repellent of your choice.
  8. There is a lake and ditches in the park. Move with caution around them and do not jump over the enclosures.
  9. Visiting the park with pets is prohibited.
  10. Visitors with bicycles, scooters, roller blades, etc. are not allowed in the park.
  11. It is forbidden to illuminate the installations with flashlights, flashes of phones and cameras and laser devices. If you need to use a flashlight, please do not shine it in the eyes of other visitors, but only at your feet so as not to disturb others.
  12. If you require medical attention, please get in touch with the team steward nearest to you, the gate guard or the gate medical team.
  13. The Organizer has the right to refuse admission to persons who have purchased a ticket but are under the influence or intoxicated, who exhibit aggressive attitude and who do not comply with the event general terms and conditions. The Organizer shall have no obligation to refund such persons.
  1. Уважавайте парка и растителните видове в него – не късайте, не чупете, не се катерете и не замърсявайте. Не хвърляйте фасове.
  2. Забранено е да се внасят напитки и храна, с изключение на малка бутилка с вода до 500 мл. Моля, не изхвърляйте бутилки на територията на парка. На входа/изхода има контейнери за отпадъци.  
  3. Забранено е докосването, повдигането, ритането, чупенето и кражбата на елементите на светлинните инсталации. Нарушителите ще бъдат извеждани от охраната и ще бъдат сезирани органите на реда за всеки отделен случай. 
  4. Забранява се преминаването отвъд загражденията и сигналните ленти на цялата територия на парка. Нарушителите ще бъдат извеждани от охраната. Организаторът не поема отговорност за посетител преминал извън загражденията. 
  5. Родителите носят пълна отговорност за децата си и трябва да следят през цялото време къде се движат те и дали спазват правилата за поведение и безопасност. 
  6. Препоръчителното облекло за вечерно преживяване в парка е: дълги ръкави и панталони, затворени ниски обувки. 
  7. Ще бъдете сред природата, затова препоръчваме ползването на репелент по ваш избор. 
  8. В парка има езеро и канавки. Движете се с повишено внимание около тях и не прескачайте загражденията. 
  9. Посещението на парка с домашни любимци е забранено. 
  10. В парка не се допускат посетители с велосипеди, тротинетки, ролери и др.  
  11. Забранено е осветяването на инсталациите с фенерчета, светкавици на телефони и фотоапарати и лазерни устройства. Ако имате нужда да ползвате фенерче, моля не светете в очите на останалите посетители, а само в краката си, така че да не пречите на околните.  
  12. Ако имате нужда от медицинска помощ, моля да се обърнете към най-близко стоящия до вас стюард от екипа, към охраната на входа/изхода или към медицинския екип на входа/изхода. 
  13. Организаторът има право да откаже достъп на лица, които са закупили билет, но са във видимо нетрезво и/или неадекватно състояние и няма задължение да върне сумата по билета на такива лица.