We are delayed light. We are both particle and wave. We are stardust. This installation forces us to experience it all together.

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The quickest way to quiet the racing thoughts in our minds is by focusing on our breath. “Breathing” is a reminder to just consciously breathe.

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„Presence 2.0“

Our connection to nature is primal and humbling. It is our first temple.

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We recreate the love ritual of the fireflies Photinus carolinus to the millisecond, just to recall that magic experience we see less and less in the big city. This is our way of paying tribute to these special creatures that bring so much beauty and love.

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„The Invisible Threads“

The world we live in is broken. The invisible threads that connect us as human beings are broken. This large-scale light installation creates a calm and relaxing space where we can reconnect. With ourselves, with nature and with other human beings.